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MentorHer is an 18 month mentoring program meant to educate, support, encourage, uplift, empower and to bring a sense of joy to each of our participants! We hope that each participate will gain a feeling of family and make forever connections. A safety net where we can learn, lean on each other and a community of support.


Some of the offerings our mentoring program are:

  • Education and Career DevelopmentFoster an environment that encourages continued education by providing resources, information, and assistance with school-related matters. Collaborate with educational institutions to address the unique needs of pregnant and parenting teens, ensuring they have access to appropriate accommodations and support services. These workshops are designed to offer practical guidance, foster skill enhancement, and provide valuable insights into various aspects of career growth. Components of these workshops include, resume building, mock interviews, job search strategies, interview skills, professional networking, work-life balance, and career advancement strategies.

  • Career Guidance and TrainingAssist participants in exploring and pursuing vocational and career opportunities that align with their interests and abilities. Collaborate with local businesses and organizations to create internship or job placement opportunities for teen parents.

  • Mary's Closet-Each participant will earn "baby bucks" per class or goal completion that can be spent in Mary's Closet. Mary's closet is our store that participants can buy anything from baby supplies to stationary items.

  • Pro Bono (no cost) Legal Services- to establish paternity and child support cases. Additional services may be provided case to case basis.

  • Health and WellnessFacilitate access to healthcare services, including prenatal care, postnatal care, and pediatric services for both the teen parent and their child. Promote healthy lifestyle choices and well-being through information on nutrition, exercise, and stress management.

  • Workshops consisting of life skills, core belief, and womanhood.

  • Pregnant and Parenting Skills Development- Our goal is to educate our women in each stage from pregnancy to parenting, skills that will result in a healthy lifestyle. Classes may vary depending on the stages of our participants. 

  • Car seat workshops- The workshops teach each participant car seat safety, and they will receive a free car seat after successful completion.

  • Safe Sleep workshops- Participants will learn the importance of safe sleeping. Upon successful completion each participant will receive a crib, pack and play or basinet. 

  • Education on repeat pregnancy prevention-Implement programs aimed at preventing repeat pregnancies through comprehensive sex education, contraception counseling, and family planning resources.

  • Financial literacy workshops - The workshops will teach about credit, bank accounts, budgeting and saving. We will also help each participant open a bank account and provide the opening deposit.

  • Cooking classes -We partner with small businesses in Arizona to come and teach us a new dish to prepare or a special treat.

  • Hair Workshops-We partner with a small business to teach new hairstyles that they can use as a skill to bring in supplemental income or just every day on their children.

  • Pamper Me Days-A lady's day out/or in being "pampered."

  • Spiritual/Mental Healing days- We educate on coping skills for anxiety, depression and triggers and cognitive behavioral techniques.

  • Mom and Me Night Out- We enjoy a day out with our children to encourage bonding. 

  • Community Engagement-Encourage community involvement and social integration by organizing events, support groups, and networking opportunities for pregnant and parenting teens. Foster a sense of community among participants to create a supportive network where they can share experiences and advice.

A message from the Founder:

When I was pregnant at 15 I took alot of prenatal and parenting classes because I was scared to "not do it right"

The crazy thing is there is no right or wrong way. We learn along the way, I met alot of people that were positive influences in my life. I earned items for my baby and I had a safe place to spend time away from home. I hope that you receive the same experience if not better from the services we offer! 

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